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 . . anywhere, anytime and on any device. Ratings See also List of Google products Google Pixel References External links Official Chromecast Website Category:Products introduced in 2013 Category:Smart devices Category:Google hardware Category:Products and services discontinued in 2018 Category:Digital televisionHigh-frequency EEG correlates of amnesia-related phenomena in the human: an analysis of the content of event-related negativity. Different research groups have reported that amnesic patients are characterized by a remarkable absence of a negativity in the high-frequency (30-70 Hz) range in the late stage of the negative event-related potential (ERP) at centro-parietal electrode sites. In this study we wanted to confirm this finding and to explore whether the content of this negativity would be altered by amnesia-related phenomena. ERPs were recorded from 11 amnesic patients with hippocampal damage (HPD), 5 patients with global amnesia (GAD), and 11 control subjects. All subjects were presented with a series of high-frequency (65 Hz) and low-frequency (12 Hz) sinusoidally wave-modulated (2-s rise-times and 2-s silent periods) sequences. Four of the HPD patients showed high-frequency ERPs similar to the control subjects, whereas the others showed more profound negativity at centro-parietal sites. In patients with amnesia, the degree of high-frequency negativity correlated negatively with measures of memory performance. The findings indicate that in the early stages of amnesia, high-frequency negativity is present and is related to a greater degree of impairment of memory. Later on, high-frequency negativity tends to disappear in amnesic patients. This pattern of results is discussed with reference to current models of memory functioning. 用户登录



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HACK RealPlayer SP Activator

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